Mike Mostyn

(360) 463 - 2526

Windermere Peninsula Properties
30 NE Romance Hill Rd. #102
Belfair, WA 98528

Hi! I’m Mike and thank you for your interest!

I'm a waterfront specialist with Windermere Peninsula Properties in Hood Canal's Belfair and I want to talk with you about my real estate services and how they would help you. If you are like me however, to trust information and opinions you read on the Internet, you want to know about the guy who writes this stuff. I'll be brief.

I'm not a "waterfront specialist" just because I say so but because of my skills and knowledge to sell unique vacation properties. I know the challenges of living on Puget Sound because I've lived on Pickering for 16 years however more importantly, I offer my clients a rare combination of technical know-how, marketing acumen & creativity that applies particularly to a distant, computer-literate higher-end demographic. Let me explain.

Remember when good agents would pay the extra $500 to put a waterfront listing into the ferry magazines? They needed that little extra something to get noticed. Today however, it's about the Internet. Just listing a "home for sale" in the MLS and Zillow works for most houses but a South Sound waterfront home is so much more than a colonial in Magnolia. 

For this reason, I build property websites. Every listing I represent has its own custom website with features not available any other way. Video panning the view from the deck, bigger & higher HDR resolution pictures, virtual walk-throughs with direct links, pop-ups and audio - compelling content that separates each home from the long lists of competitors. I also market to the fastest growing part of the market - mobile devices with QR-codes, posts on Facebook, Twitter, blog sites and extra real estate search sites. In other words, I invest in the work to expose homes to more buyers - to get higher offers quicker with fewer contingencies. It's as necessary as the ferry magazine and costs you nothing extra.

Don’t misunderstand – find a buyer is good but nothing in real estate is more important than a Realtor who knows who he represents. Listening, having strong convictions to negotiate from strength and having the respect of brokers, loan officers and inspectors. It is key to act solely in the interest of a client and to achieve THEIR goals.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I appreciate your interest. To earn my clients trust is a privilege I do my best to earn with communications and hard work. Please call or text (360) 463-2526. I look forward to the opportunity to work for you.