Noxious Weeds – we are all responsible.

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In Washington State’s Hood Canal and throughout the Puget Sound, Noxious weeds are invasive, non-native introductions. They are a public health hazard, lower property values, reduce enjoyment of recreational areas, decrease agricultural productivity, and degrade fish and wildlife habitat – especially for salmon.

Noxious weeds have the potential to destroy critical salmon habitat by preventing forest and understory

regeneration, clogging waterways, reducing streambank stability, increasing erosion and altering the aquatic food web. Every landowner is required to eradicate all Class A weeds. Control of Class B and C weeds is highly

recommended. The best approach for this is prevention, early detection and rapid response, and replanting with native trees and shrubs.

To learn more about noxious weeds and proper removal methods, please visit the Washington State/Mason County Noxious Weed Control Board website at

This message is from the Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group and National Fish and Wildlife Foundation