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It’s an exciting time here at Windermere. We have hit the refresh button on the Windermere brand. In order to remain relevant, companies must evolve, just as Windermere has done for the past 45 years. We knew we didn’t need an entire brand overhaul, but a little facelift was definitely in order. This included a new logo with interlocking arms that symbolize the connections between our agents and their clients.

For almost as long as Windermere has been Windermere, we’ve had a funny little tree in the middle of our logo. You’ve probably never even noticed it, but we decided it was time to chop the tree down. (We promise no actual trees were destroyed in this process.)

Technology has revolutionized the real estate search process, but the classic for sale sign is still one of the most effective marketing tools out there. Look around – we changed ours. We promise, the only thing that has changed is our look. The top-notch service and support buyers and sellers have come to expect from Windermere remains the same. But just like when you buy yourself a new outfit, don’t be surprised if our agents have a little more spring in their step.