The 2021 Buyer’s Guide to Olympic Peninsula Waterfront is now complete!

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Every January, I download from the MLS, all the previous year’s sales data from every beach from Olympia the Port Ludlow and chart its performance.  Every waterfront property sale is accounted for to calculate average area sales prices, buying patterns, closing times, fair market value and more.

The update of my “2021 Buyer’s Guide to Olympic Peninsula Waterfront Real Estate” is now complete.   It can be found at

For those new to salt waterfront property on the Olympic Peninsula, try this.  With the point of a compass at Sea-Tac Airport, draw a circle 35 miles in radius.  Every beach from Olympia to Port Ludlow is within that 35-mile radius and an easy drive from Seattle.

There is however an enormous difference between beaches.  Not long ago, this area was nearly uninhabited  however now, average beachfront property can vary from $480K to $2.3M – beaches less than 15 miles apart. is a “Buyer’s research tool to discover which Olympic Peninsula beach on Puget Sound has the greatest potential for growth and appreciation”.