The easiest way to characterize Mason County's real estate market in 2015 is the phrase "a rising tide lifts all boats." All of Western Washington is up and so is Mason County. The prices began rising in 2014 in a most fundamental way - less supply + greater demand = increasing prices. To read an overall summery from the viewpoint of my desk, click on 2015 - A Good Year for Mason County Waterfront Real Estate

Now that you have read my 2015 report, let's quantify all of this to specific areas. Using actual 2015 sales to see statistically how each waterfront area performed in the South Puget Sound, check out 2015 South Puget Sound Saltwater Home Sales/. I hope you find this useful. The South is the only place you will find this kind of detailed information on Puget Sound waterfront pricing, timing and market pressures.